Top Five Flooring Solutions

Top Five Flooring Solutions

Photo: Modern-nests.com

I have been obsessed with flooring lately.  A former mentor of mine said that all design begins with the foundation or the floor. The floor sets the tone for how we perceive a space.  The following is a ranking of my favorite solutions, many of which are quite affordable.  The photo above is of the Ameni Hotel in Greece by Stavros Papayianni.

created at: 08/11/2010

5.  Carpet Tiles.  (Photo: Design Sponge)  The FLOR tiles in this child's room is a clever way to punch up the color in this space.  Design by Ore Studios.

created at: 08/11/2010

4.  Painted Wood.  (Photo: Design Boner)  Painting wood floors white or black is an inexpensive way to revive your space.  High to semi-gloss recommended.  IKEA's Tundra comes in a white and is a great cheap way to create this look.  And you can go over vct, tile, low-cut pile carpet, etc.

created at: 08/11/2010

3.  Leather Floor Tiles.  (Photo: Albertahardwood.com) More high end but still absolutely stunning!  I love leather tile floors, very soft but with the warmth of wood.

created at: 08/11/2010

2.  Layered Rugs.  (Photo: Inventorspot)  I never thought about layering rugs until I thought about how to deal with my carpeted floors (which I hate).  I love the idea of using uniform or contrasting rugs to create a layered look that will ultimately take the attention away from my carpet.

created at: 08/11/2010

1.  Epoxy.  (Photo: Design Milk) An epoxy floor is usually seen more in commercial settings but I love the seemlesss fluidity of a white epoxy floor like the one found in this apartment in the Netherlands, designed by i29.  


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zanna on Jan 19, 2012:

Thanks for all the info. Can you please tell me -what is the best way to prepare sanded wooden floors for painting?

Sophia on Aug 25, 2010:

The expanse of bright white epoxy used on the private residence floor in the photo is stunning!  But I had to chuckle when I saw a child in the picture!  A pure white floor -- even in durable, commercial-grade epoxy -- is hard to keep clean in any setting, much less with children around.  Depending on the design, I might suggest randomly broadcasting decorative chips in an off-white, cream or light gray into the wet epoxy, and then topcoating with a clear, UV-resistant topcoat.  This slight color diversion helps to hide any soil.  The chips also provide mild skid resistance. 

kibwedaisy on Aug 12, 2010:

I love what you did Amanda - I had hiddeous carpet in my old place, ripped it up and stained the subfloors...but I never thought of cutting lines into the wood to create seams - genius!

Amanda @ funkepunkemonke.com on Aug 12, 2010:

4.  Painted Wood - My house came with lovely (insert sarcasm) plywood subfloors. Because we're cheap, we took a skill saw (on a shallow setting) and cut lines into the floor, then painted them. It looks like an old factory floor, and people can't even tell it's plywood.

elseajane on Aug 12, 2010:

I too am obecessed with flooring. Everyone of mine must be worked with. Thanks for the great insperation.

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