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I am totally in love with these 3D door stickers from Couture Deco. The material is described as 'trompe-l'oeil on opaque white fabric with satin finish.' The stickers are washable, fire and UV resistant, and highly durable. You can adjust them to fit with a scissors and they're applied with regular old wallpaper glue. My only problem with them is deciding which one to buy! See all the stickers ($279) available at Couture DecoPOST UPDATE: The retailer has LOWERED the price to $199!!!

8 Cool and Creative 3D Door Stickers (8) 2
8 Cool and Creative 3D Door Stickers (8) 8


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elseajane on Jul 29, 2010:

Getting better and better, I can see one in my craft room, and the bath, and...! On and on!

DIY Maven on Jul 29, 2010:

stéphanie--thanks for the info! I've updated the post accordingly.

stéphanie on Jul 29, 2010:

Hi, thank you for this great review. These trompe-l'oeil are now at $199.00.

DIY Maven on Jul 28, 2010:

ej--yeah, pricey, but maybe worth it!

Jonathon--since they're for indoor use, birds wouldn't be an issue. As for dogs and cats, I could see them getting a bit confused!

elseajane on Jul 28, 2010:

I don't know which one I like better. Out of my price range right now but I will add them to my wish list. They are sooo cool.

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