Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard Furniture
I know a couple of you have already shown pictures of cardboard furniture, but the other day when I walked by this store, I couldn't help but go inside and take a few pictures of my own.  I especially like the white and green bookshelf.  I think a whole room of cardboard brown furniture would be a little too much for me, but I think it's interesting to see the different styles that can be achieved with something that has traditionally been reserved for only boxes.

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gilboonet on Dec 04, 2007:

Hi there!

In France we have a very active cardboard furniture makers community. And we have professional crafters able to produce furnitures that could replace any furnitures made with wood or so on... and they are also cute...

take a look here :
- http://123cartons.com/
- http://www.artetcarton.com/
- http://www.meublesetcarton.com/
- http://p.dess.free.fr/0_htm_fr/rubriques.php

gregorscheer on Oct 20, 2007:

Hi great to find these postings, You might like to know that the New York Film Production company Vinestreetworks.com has produced a film showing step by step how to make furniture from Cardboard. Check it out, there is a trailer on the website too

arnita on May 09, 2007:

heehee this i so cool!

suemey on Apr 23, 2007:

love it another adition to my favorite things

Sijbrich on Feb 19, 2007:

Bruno- I asked at the store if they had a website and they don't.  They could only give me the names of the designers and thier contact info.  The designers are Gianluca Lambiase and Donata Marinelli.  Let me know if you want their contact info as well.

bruno on Feb 08, 2007:

No problem, thanks for trying!

Sijbrich on Feb 08, 2007:

Bruno - I tried to find the store by Googling it, but was unsuccessful.  I'll try to stop by the next time I'm in Rome and ask them if they have a website.  Check back in a few days.

AinshaNit on Feb 07, 2007:

primero de todo agradecer tu comentario! Comparto contigo la opinión de los muebles de cartón. Si  te interesas por este tipo demuebles querras ver lo que hacen la gente de"OKUPAKIT".Voy a poner una entrada en mi blog!.. :P

bruno on Feb 07, 2007:

Hey Sijbrich, could you post a link to the store or designer where you found this stuff?

roadvermin on Feb 05, 2007:

These are very stylish, simple AND cardboard (I love that!) Thanks for taking these. - RV's Girl

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