Make a Yarn or Ribbon Pendant Lamp

Make a Yarn or Ribbon Pendant Lamp

House and Home Online TV has a great new episode posted that includes among other things, Kathryn Bala's tutorial showing us how to make pendant lamps using cotton yarn or ribbon (the green one) and beach balls/balloons (I particularly like the ribbon option, which I hadn't seen before.). The tute is the second segment in the episode, but the first is worth a peek as well. The tile job in designer Victoria Webster's bathroom is jaw-dropping. Here's a link to the episode in question. 

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DIY Maven on Jul 15, 2010:


greenp3a on Jul 15, 2010:

i would like a pair of these on my Apartment (the ribbon one). Put a changing color lightbulb or dimmer light on it, hang on my room... wow that would be such a nice view while i sleep.

or maybe for garden party, birthday ornaments... that would be a good idea right ??

thanks for the post, like the idea already...

DIY Maven on Jul 14, 2010:

dantimdad--I'm sure you could, but as for cleaning it, maybe just vacuuming it regularly would be the way to go.

dantimdad on Jul 14, 2010:

I have been wanting a pair of these to go over the island in the kitchen when it's done!

I wonder if you could clear coat it so it's possible to clean it.  Being in the kitchen, it's going to need to be cleaned periodically.


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