Crestview Doors: Period-Perfect Front Doors for Mid-Century Modern Homes

Crestview Doors: Period-Perfect Front Doors for Mid-Century Modern Homes

When David and Christiane Erwin remodeled their 1951 cottage a few years ago, they wanted to restore the home to its original, mid-century modern look and feel. Along the way, they ran into a problem ... they couldn't find a period-appropriate front door. They turned this problem into an amazing thing, a company called Crestview Doors

created at: 07/11/2010

After making a replica of a neighbor's door to fit their own front door frame, the Erwins started building custom doors by hand using only the highest quality materials they could find. Demand for a more affordable solution led to the creation of a do-it-yourself kit.

They created the Doorlite Kit, which is a do-it-yourself product that adds windows to any flush interior or exterior door for a mid-century modern look and feel. Using a new or existing door, simply follow the included installation and design instructions to cut holes in the door and apply the new windows in the arrangement of your choice.

For homeowners looking for an affordable way to transform a stock door into a mid-century modern masterpiece, this product is ideal. It takes just a weekend to install yourself, or Crestview Doors also can connect you with remodeling professionals who offer installation as a service to homeowners that aren’t so DIY-y.

Now hold onto your fedora, because one lucky Curbly family member will win a Doorlite Kit to transform one lucky door into a fabulous mid-century modern marvel. Just click here to enter!

To learn more about the Erwins and their company, follow this link to their site. And, be sure to check out some more of their before and after magic below ...

Before ...

created at: 07/11/2010

And after ...

created at: 07/11/2010

And another after ...

created at: 07/11/2010


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Anonymous on Dec 03, 2012:

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