How To Build a Platform Bed, Deck, or Poolside Lounger for Under $30


Aeray is a professional carpenter, furniture maker, designer and builder and he's frustrated with the overbuilding and over-engineering done on simple DIY projects. His goal for his tutorial on Instructables is to illustrate how to simply and inexpensively build a multipurpose platform deck that can be used for a queen sized bed, a futon mattress, or a waterproofed, cushioned poolside lounger (as suggested by one commenter).


For under $30.00, low-waste, a few tools, and an hour or two, you can build it.

I'd like to shrink this down to bench size, paint it and make a couple of boxed and corded cushions to sit on top; very modern, minimal, and functional.

Here are the tools he used:

Saw (Skil, hand, jig, or miter. Shown is a Skil)
Square (Speed, framing, or try. Shown is a speedsquare)
Tape measure
Drill (Cordless or corded)
Appropriate driver bit for your screws
#10 pilot bit/countersink

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Anonymous on Jul 26, 2015:

A deck for under $30? Is like to see that!

Gma Pam on Aug 22, 2014:

Cool idea!! I will be making one!

Gma Pam on Aug 22, 2014:

REALLY???? Why tell us what tools were used?? Who cares what tools you need if you aren't going to tell what they were used on?? What a waste of time!

Classified Typer on Aug 15, 2013:

hello where r the instrutions?? This is no help at all, I migh as well just make  my own made up platform. Thanks..................For Nothingg.

Anonymous on May 09, 2012:

hi, where are the instructions? what type of wood?

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