Use Moroccan Stencils for Ceilings, Walls, Floors, and Furniture


Don't tell my local mid-century modern group (Atomic Indy) but I'm kind of loving the whole Moroccan pattern trend. My first encounter was when I accidentally came across the My Marrakesh blog, by the lovely Maryam. Next, I found out about Melanie Royals, a San Diego stencil artist  who organized a couple of painting trips to Maryam's pad in Marrakesh. Then, I discovered that Melanie's company, Royal Design Studio, now sells a huge variety of fabulous Moroccan stencils. I ordered  this one and this one for my own painting adventure. Not sure yet what to paint, but here is more inspiration from Melanie Royal's trips to Marrakesh.



Melanie and Maryam



Stenciled canvas for added pattern on a plain wall or floor.


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Lindsay on Apr 11, 2012:

Gorgeous work.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Villa Lagoon Tile on Dec 15, 2011:

Love the stencils !!! FANTASTIC....and if you ever want to put in a authentic Moroccan pattern tile floor, we can help. http://www.VillaLagoonTile.com we have wonderful Moroccan cement tile in both solids and patterns and you can even design you own.

Thanks, Lundy

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 06, 2010:

I'm ready to try them out.

alicia on Jul 06, 2010:

I love the stenciled ceiling!

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