How To Make Cement-on-a-Stick House Numbers


It has been a cement factory over at Chez Larsson as she's been competing in the Panduro Cement Challenge. I'd explain more, but the Panduro site is written in Swedish, which doesn't happen to be my second language. I'll tell you what, this girl can make cement molds! I'd give her the award just for the molds. She explains the do's and don'ts and her entire process very clearly. As usual, she posts perfect photographs. Decide on a font for your house number.

created at: 06/30/2010

Cut strips of waxed covered milk cartons.

created at: 06/30/2010

Find a base for the mold that you can see through, like plexiglass.

created at: 06/30/2010

Tape the strips of milk carton together.

created at: 06/30/2010

Form the number 7 and tape it to hold.

created at: 06/30/2010

Click here for the rest of the project and more marvelous cement creations.

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Anonymous on Oct 30, 2013:

Great ideas

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