Tools That Help You Choose Colors...for anything!

I love color.  But in my house -- using color is a relatively recent development.   So, I've been searching around for things that would help me figure out what might work, what definitely won't when choosing color.

When I bought my house the former owner had painted the kitchen and dining room the EXACT colors of Blockbuster -- electric blue and yellow.  It's made me cautious!   

So this might help you if you're like me and are trying not to waste tons of money on paint that is not the color you thought it would be.  (Not that that's EVER happened to me!)

The color sites I like:

colr.org — allows you to play with color and color schemes — it will even take a photo you like and give you the colors within it. VERY neat — especially if you have some unusual color combinations you want to experiment with (ahem.) Seriously — take time and play with this one.

The second site is a color scheme generator — not quite as cool — but it works with the traditional color wheel — and will take a color and give you it’s analogous, opposites, triads, etc. It will also give you the RGB (if you need that) and the URL of the schemes you like. That’s cool.

Also cool, because it puts swatches together so you can see how colors interact (developed as a website color tool — but applicable to lots of other things) is Color Laboratory — click on the colors in the color wheel and it puts them together. NEAT.

And Craftsanity has this great PDF that has a ton of ideas for generating color combinations. 

Also I did some relatively boring web searches on color theory — which led me to some interesting things on color, music and mood. I really like when it becomes unexpected. So, here are a few links and sites that I loved — they are unusual and will lift your mood!

This one  combines spirals with color and music!  Cute.

This one is fabulous. It really plays with color and all it’s associations. Worth looking at. (you can click on the link or on the picture to get there)

Tools That Help You Choose Colors...for anything!

Ooooh. This one is neat. Musicovery.com. Play music according to your mood — or the mood you’d rather be in!

Here’s an interesting one. This guy built a music suit — and you can make him dance. I thought it was pretty cool. Fun and interactive.




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sparkie on Feb 04, 2007:

Great Job!!!  Thanks for sharing!  As I have said before, I hate picking out colors...hate it, hate it!!!  DIY Maven wrote an interesting post last month about color theory in sexual relationship terms.  Thanks Again!

You Make Me Smile on Feb 02, 2007:

wow! thank you so much for putting this together!!

terryswaler on Feb 02, 2007:

Wow.  Oh wow.  I hadn't seen this one from adobe yet.  Thanks -- you ARE a GENIUS!  :)  I love it.

kidgenius on Feb 02, 2007:

This has to be one of the cooler ones I've seen



DIY Maven on Feb 02, 2007:

Does your mother's big round bed rotate? Now THAT would be something!! ;)

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