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King-Sized Lovin’

by on Feb 2, 2007

Thought the heart-shaped bed was reserved for cheesy hotels and 1960’s romantic comedies? Think again. Playhouse USA offers several styles of heart-shaped, king-sized beds, one with a mirrored headboard and (dare I say?) a mirrored canopy.

A fancy red and black bed with a satin overhang.Romantic bed room with heart shaped ceiling and head board with mirrors

These love cushions measure approximately 7′ by 7′. And if you don’t like the idea of a gigantic red heart in the center of your boudoir, Playhouse USA has other bedding colors to choose from.


Although the prices aren’t available on the website, I’ve found others quoted at $6K, which may be considered a small investment for a smokin’ love life.

Cue the Barry White.

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