King-Sized Lovin'

Thought the heart-shaped bed was reserved for cheesy hotels and 1960's romantic comedies? Think again. Playhouse USA offers several styles of heart-shaped, king-sized beds, one with a mirrored headboard and (dare I say?) a mirrored canopy.

King-Sized Lovin'


These love cushions measure approximately 7' by 7'. And if you don’t like the idea of a gigantic red heart in the center of your boudoir, Playhouse USA has other bedding colors to choose from.


Although the prices aren’t available on the website, I’ve found others quoted at $6K, which may be considered a small investment for a smokin’ love life.

Cue the Barry White.

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susan on Mar 09, 2011:

Omy Gosh, I love the heart shaped bed. Honestly i can't believe i found a real heart shape bed, I would love to have on in my home. I know Jane Mansfield had one too. I have a Heart Fettish, i have a heart Chair, 3 Heart Diamond ring, good size, also have had 2 heart surgeries when i was born in the 60's. i'm still alive and this would be a dream of mine to have a heart shaped bed. i love it why don't you people?

baconthecat on Jul 24, 2007:

HAHAHA those colours are so garish! No wonder they look godawful. Velvet? Please! Here, have some class. Hahaha I think they could work, but again, comfort level?

terryswaler on Feb 02, 2007:

No.  In answer to your question -- my mother's bed does NOT rotate.  It does however have bad feng shui "esq" mirrors in the "clam shell" headboard and black lights...ooooohhhhh...pretty. 

Pretty awful!

She's 60 years old for goodness sake!  <grin> 

Keter on Feb 02, 2007:

Wooo hoo!  I'm having visions of that stupid commercial where a family with small children checks into their hotel room only to discover that it has the 'pimped' look, including a giant  hottub shaped like a champagne glass.  Oops.

Thanks for the giggle.

BTW, it is considered bad feng shui to have a mirror where it can be seen from the bed.  It can confuse the wandering spirit trying to return to the sleeping body...  ;o)

DIY Maven on Feb 02, 2007:

Just to let EVERYONE know...I DO NOT have a heart-shaped bed in my home....not that there's anything wrong with that.

balubalu on Feb 02, 2007:

Oh no, do you really want to have such a bed in your house?

terryswaler on Feb 02, 2007:

My mother and her SO have a HUGE round bed that's from the 70's.  It's cookie monster blue and reminds me of these beds.

It's embarrasing to have your mother sleep in a bed like that!  <laughing>

Thanks for the morning smile... 


DIY Maven on Feb 02, 2007:

Note the slipper-shaped chair in the last picture, which is also available at Playhouse USA. Not surprised? Me either.

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