How to Be Thrifty: Become a Handy Householder

How to Be Thrifty: Become a Handy Householder

It has been said that 'If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.' Of course any respectable Curblier would argue that women should be handy too. Being so is imperative to living a thrifty lifestyle. Besides saving us oodles of cash on repair bills, we get those priceless rushes of self-sufficiency.    

However, even the handiest of handymen or women have their limitations. So before we cause both physical and financial damage tackling a DIY project, let's peruse The Keys to the Handy Kingdom from Workman Publishing's new title, Be Thrifty. How to Live Better with Less:

  • Adopt the physician's creed: Do no harm. If you can't do something, don't do it! A botched job might cost you more than if you'd had a pro do it in the first place.
  • Be realistic. Just because you're a smarty pants doesn't mean you can figure everything and anything out on the fly. Take some time to study up on the job you're about to tackle. Don't wing it!
  • Make a friend at your hardware store or home supply outlet. Although it might not seem like it, sometimes there are employees at these stores who DO know what they're talking about. They can offer great tips, so take advantage of their expertise.
  • Read the directions. We have a saying in this house: 'Instructions? We don't need no stinkin' instructions!' But seriously, even if you can't make heads or tails out of the written bits, the diagrams can be extremely helpful! 
  • Own a real toolbox. No, those odds and ends in the 'junk drawer' don't count. We're talking a REAL toolbox here, which should AT LEAST include the following:
    1. claw hammer
    2. nails and screws
    3. screwdrivers
    4. crosscut saw
    5. 3/8" power drill
    6. carpenter's level
    7. adjustable wrench
    8. slip-joint pliers
    9. utility knife
    10. metal retracting tap measure
    11. hacksaw
    12. sandpaper
    13. toilet plunger
    14. drain auger
    15. toilet auger
    16. work gloves/rubber gloves

Some would include the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape, as well.

This is just a SNIPPET of the handy tips in Be Thrifty. To read more about and WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK, visit this post. And don't forget to check out yesterday's Be Thrifty tip, the 'Should You Buy it Test'.

Come back tomorrow for more exclusive tips from Be Thrifty!


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DesigningMom on Jun 15, 2010:

Yes, I sure did. Thanks!

DIY Maven on Jun 15, 2010:

DM--Did you enter the contest to win one?????

DesigningMom on Jun 15, 2010:

Awesome tips. This book sounds like a must have for any DIYer. Thanks for sharing it with us Maven!

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