DIY: Online Sources for Furniture Legs

DIY: Online Sources for Furniture Legs

If you're looking to replace the legs on your favorite lounger, update a dresser, or you need a stunning set of legs for your handmade coffee table, look no further. Right here is a list of nine online sources for wood and metal furniture legs.

created at: 06/09/2010

hairpin dresser legs

Before you buy a set of legs, flip your furniture over to see how the legs are attached. All legs are not attached in the same way. If you're a clever carpenter type, you can most likely make simple adjustments to have the legs of your dreams.  

1. Ianmaclean.com Hairpin legs

2. Ferroushardware.com Metal legs

3. Closet-Masters.com Metal legs

4. ebay.com All sorts of metal legs

5. Chervan.com All sorts of wood legs

6. Adamswoodproducts.com Wood legs

7. Tablelegsonline.com Wood and metal legs

8. Osbornewood.com All sorts of wood legs

9. Rockler.com Limited supply of wood legs

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Lance Stephenson on Oct 27, 2012:

Nine sites? add ours and make it an even ten


zDavid on Feb 16, 2012:

As someone who has been assembling diy and repurposed furniture for a while now, I know that one of the greatest expenses (and challenges) can be hardware - hinges, knobs, and also... legs!

Having proclaimed this, it is my observation that the products on these sites are rather expensive, but it does offer a little perspective, and a chance to find those hard-to-find items.

Mike on Nov 04, 2011:

I've already been checking ebay and rockler. Never heard of these others. Will check them out to see if its cheaper / better.

Daniel Möbel on May 31, 2011:

This furniture legs look great, I will put a article about this topic on my furniture site and link to this article. I bet the German readers are gona like it. Thanks for these tipps, Daniel

TiffanyB25 on May 13, 2011:

Thanks for the idea!  I've never thought about changing furniture legs.  From the pictures you showed makes the furniture look really modern.  I know that you posted websites that sell them but do they sell furniture legs at stores like family leisure?  I don't really like to buy anything online.  Thanks!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Oct 24, 2010:

CBD-Ha! Mary Tyler Moore! That's weird, but funny. Thanks for sharing.

CBD on Oct 24, 2010:

Funny how the universe works, I was directed to your site when I was searching for graphic design help on another project (tag: Mary Tyler Moore show!) and but I'm also looking for table legs to create a custom dining bar. I'm so glad we finally found each other!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jun 09, 2010:

I always have people ask me where to find furniture legs. Glad it helps.

Diana on Jun 09, 2010:

Oh wow, thanks! Very resourceful!

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