Bathroom Facelift on a Budget

Bathroom Facelift on a Budget

Bathroom needs a makeover but the budget is tight? The gentlefolk at Bath Fitter sent along these eight tips to give your bathroom a facelift in a tough economy.   

  1. Deep Clean - Start off your bathroom project with a nice deep clean, and sort the things that you need and throw away the stuff that you don't use. You can find great clear plastic boxes, bins, drawer dividers and clear cosmetic bags to hide your things out of sight.  For the items that will stay in sight put them in nice decorative storage containers.
  2. Paint or Wallpaper - Add a little color to your space with a nice bright semi-gloss paint made just for bathrooms and kitchens. These paints are not only easy to clean, but the ones made for your bathroom are also mold and mildew resistant. Wallpaper can be challenging since the moisture and humidity in the bathroom might cause the wallpaper to peel off.  Wallpaper just one wall to add an extra punch!
  3. Use Color! – Don’t be afraid to experiment with color!  Try neutral colors for warmth, or go bold with a brighter hue.  You also can repaint the cabinets for an updated look.
  4. Replace the Bathtub/Shower – Instead of removing your bathtub, which can damage flooring, walls and plumbing and puts your bathroom out of service for days, get an acrylic bathtub or tub liner installed over the old tub.  Companies like Bath Fitter can do this in just a few hours and for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
  5.  Install New Countertops – Granite is very popular now, and you can sometimes find smaller cuts of granite that are less expensive.  Porcelain marble – even imitation porcelain marble - is a less expensive alternative and gives your bathroom a beautiful sparkle.
  6. Update the Fixtures – Update those old gold fixtures (don’t forget the door knob!) with nickel, pewter or stainless steel fixtures for a modern look.
  7. Replace Linens – Old faded and stained towels give your bathroom a drab look.  Invest in some fluffy, bright towels to match your color scheme.
  8. Accessorize - Throw rugs, shower curtains, bath mats, soap dishes and pictures are easy and low cost add-ons for any bathroom.

Do you have any budget-friendly bathroom makeover tips to add to Bath Fitter's list?  

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