How To Repair Damaged Wood Veneer

How To Repair Damaged Wood Veneer

Veneer damage is an instant deal breaker when I'm on the hunt, and I know I'm not alone. The reason? I just plain don't know how to fix damaged wood veneer. Until now, that is! Woodworker wizard, Curt Martin has done a mahhhvaluss series of videos on eHow that show you everything you need to know about repairing wood veneer.

There is some glue spreading lag time, and I wish the repair site was more visible, but overall, Curt does a dandy job of explaining and demonstrating exactly how to repair any wood veneer problem you may encounter out there on the wild thrifting frontier. There are 15 videos in all. If you don't see what you need, give my girl a call. (just kidding)

created at: 05/21/2010

Photo Images: NorseWoodsmith and eHow

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Lauren on Jan 06, 2013:

Thank you for sharing these videos, they are awesome! Did you refinish a piece usjg his techniques? If so, I hope it came out well. Real quick, do you know where to buy the veneer?

Cheryl on Mar 11, 2012:

I need to find someone who can repair or rebuild wood saddled or curved seats on some chairs that were my mother's.  I have the old seats but am not sure if they are repairable. 

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