How To Drill a Drain Hole in a Ceramic Pot

How To Drill a Drain Hole in a Ceramic Pot

Many a charming ceramic pots have been passed up due to the lack of a drainage hole. Sometimes I can't resist and I buy them regardless, attempting to do the French Drain (where did that term come from?) where you spread rocks in the bottom to provide a reservoir for excess water. Also, many a soggy, dead flowers...

created at: 05/20/2010

I really didn't know that there was a ceramic drill bit you could use to drill a nice little hole right through the bottom of a ceramic pot. It looks a little like an arrowhead on the end.

Here's all you need to get started:

safety goggles

a nail or something hard


ceramic drill bit

something soft to cushion the pot

See the technique right here at Vivelyonline.

created at: 05/20/2010


Photo Images: Vivelyonline.com

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Jim on Mar 23, 2013:

I could not find a ceramic tool bit. So I used a Dremel tool at high speed with a diamond cutter at varying angles to the horizontal to make a concave hole. Then a metal grinder (shaped like a circular saw blade) to flatten the bottom of the hole. Then use the diamond cutter again.  Eventually, the diamond cutter pokes through. Use it pushing outward to remove material from the side. Then the grinder to make the hole larger and smooth around the edges.  Note that this was white ceramic under the paint and extremely dense.  A concrete drill bit, a tungsten drill bit were almost useless.

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