How To Build a River Rock Fountain

How To Build a River Rock Fountain

Between flowers and vegetable garden tending, you'll have a few weekends to build a zen like river rock fountain to make your backyard the tranquil envy of the neighbors (not that this is a competition, mind you). You can use just about any outdoor garden structure for a fountain, but you can't beat the organic beauty and simplicity of smooth, serene river rocks. The trusty guys over at This Old House make it look very DIY-able. Here's all you'll need to get started:

created at: 04/27/2010


an underground reservoir (tub) for the water

a rigid screen to protect the pump

a support system made from strong and water resistant material

a submersible pump

a copper pipe, a pipe cutter and a ball valve to adjust the water flow

a stack of smooth river rocks

a hammer drill and a 5/8" masonry bit

smaller stones to cover the screen and support pieces


created at: 04/27/2010

See detailed instructions and great photos right here at This Old House.

Photographs: Kolin Smith


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Hella on Jul 30, 2013:

That looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! We are going to make this for our gaden. 

Gayle on Mar 18, 2012:

I made a fountain a couple of days ago. Not this one because I just found it but one that I ju"st made up. The tub will not stay full. It is not a tall tub. Only about 6 inches high. I am using tubing. Any idea why it leaks?

BC on Mar 14, 2012:

I would like to construct this fountain in the middle of a small backyard pond made with a free-formed rubber liner. Would that work?


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