Holiday How-To: Origami Box Ornaments.

I think Creature Comforts wins my very, very unofficial award for best DIY holiday projects this year. Nearly every day of the yuletide work week this December, they've offered some very fine holiday how-tos, many with free printable patterns and art, as well as all kinds of free alternative gift wrap options and gift tags.

Holiday How-To: Origami Box Ornaments.

So, to give Ez and crew a final round of applause, one more great project from Creature Comforts: DIY Origami Box Ornaments designed by Samantha Miller.

"This awesome 18 Days Series project for D.I.Y. Origami Box Ornaments comes to us from Samantha Miller of Paper Red Shoes.  I love the idea of hanging these for display (like she's done in the photo at the end of this post).  Here are the directions and more from Samantha:

I have folded a few thousand of these boxes and have learned the following along the way: cut a good square, fold crisply, and practice before you use paper you really like!"

See it all here!

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