30 Ways to Decorate with Cranberries


Oh, sure, you can string them and put them on the tree as garland, but there's so many more ways to use cranberries to decorate for the holidays. Here's just a few ideas from BGH:

Add them to glass cylinders for a festive nest for candles. (I particularly like how you can get varying heights using the same candles.)

Use a fluted cake pan or gelatin mold to make a frozen cranberry wreath. Of course, the climate in which you live would come into play here or you'd have a red puddle at your front door.

These luminaries are glass vases filled with SnoWonder (fake snow), then a layer of cranberries were put down and topped with a chubby candle. Very elegant!

A mistletoe made of a styrofoam ball, leaves and a few cranberries here and there is sure to get people smooching.

Make add cranberries and water to a metal baking pan. When frozen, chip the sheet apart for festive ice bucket ice chips.

icy cranberries

Using pearl-head pins and a foam cone produces some mod trees. Perfect for a mantle or table- scape.

Cranberry Christmas tree decorations

These are just a FEW ways to decorate with cranberries. To see a bunch more, follow this link and this link to BHG.

Primary pic via Craftmodo, who shows us how to make old fashion popcorn & cranberry garland.


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