How To: Make Eco-hip Paper Ornaments

How To: Make Eco-hip Paper Ornaments

STOP!! Don't even go down the cheapy Christmas ornament aisle. Look what you can make from paper. One is done by quilling, rolling and gluing pieces of paper.

created at: 2009/11/23

The pink one is made by downloading and printing PDF templates, cutting, folding and taping to create this gorgeous three dimensional snowflake to hang.  Re-Nest found these two DIY projects via Haute Nature and  Starshaped's Flickr stream.

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Anonymous on Sep 20, 2013:

I purchased the quilling kit at hobby lobby. The kit makes 16 snowflakes. Thought I would make a snowflake one evening while I was relaxing. Well I worked on it for about an hour and I was probably less than 10% done it is a very time-consuming project beautiful but time-consuming. I'm sure with practice I would be a bit faster but....

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