DIYable TV Easel?


I love the look of wall-mounted televisions, but every time I see one I can't but help think that the homeowner who chose to do such a mount is stuck with it. That's why I'm really groovin' on this tv easel from Restoration Hardware. You get the minimal intrusion of a wall mount but with the movability of a traditional tv cabinet. Plus, it has a great steampunk quality about it. Its $995 price tag started me thinking about a DIY easel alternative. For more info about the TV Easel, head on over to this page on Restoration Hardware.



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Fine Artist - Ella Charette on Apr 02, 2011:

I am an artist and I love the easel concept for a television.  $995 does seem very pricey... but it is a concept piece.  It does not look too hard to replicate, but I would make the base wider and load it somehow for stability as I would worry about the stability of the one pictured.

Heather in MTL on Nov 09, 2009:

I don't know about the one you listed as a DIY being a comparable alternative to the coveted Restoration Hardware easel, but a good solid H-frame easel, possibly stained to match your decor, seems to be a better substitute. A less expensive one could cost as little as 120$ give or take, but a seductive looking substitute for me would be a slightly pricier easel (although still cheaper than RH pricing) like this one: http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-master-series-h-frame-easel/#photos

Besides, take it from an art shop gal who has customers ask to put the easels together for them: buying an easel is sort of DIY.... sometimes the assembly on the bigger ones is a bit of a challenge!

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