Jonesing for Granite

Jonesing for Granite

The people that brought us Liquid Stainless now offers Liquid Granite. Per the manufacturer's website, Liquid Granite is a 'unique blend of polymers and minerals' that will make such surfaces as Formica, laminate, cultured marble and ceramic tile, among others, look like granite. Although the product is low-odor and water-based its polymers are automotive grade, so it's extremely durable. Its smooth and shiny finish hides stains, scratches and burns. Each kit ($40) covers 35 sf or 16 feet of 24" wide counters and has a paint-by-number process of application. The kits also come with several different mineral colorants, which means they're customizable. For more information and to order, visit Giani Granite.

created at: 2009-10-29

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