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DIY Headboard Ideas

by on Oct 28, 2009

Who says a headboard has to be a board? These alternatives to traditional headboards are totally do-able by just about anyone.

This vanity-mirror turned headboard really blew my socks off. A GREAT reuse of a furniture has-been.

A fancy brown and white bed with mirrors on the back in a bedroom.

The picture below might look like an iron headboard, but it’s really paint. Particularly sweet for a little girl’s room, no?

 Single bed that has been made up nicely.

This one just might be my favorite: squares with a polycarbonate sheet covering them and twinkle lights behind. I am a sucker for twinkle lights!

Large soft box with lights behind a bed, acting as a headboard.

To read about how all these headboards (and others) came together, follow this link to


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