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Solar Spanish Tiles.

by on Oct 26, 2009

No more big boxes atop your roof…from now on, you can go green Mediterranean -style.


Solé Power Tiles allow homeowners to make eco-friendly choices without having to sacrifice style…if you want a blue mission roof, that is.

“Created by SRS Energy, the Solé Power Tile features flexible solar panels produced by United Solar Ovonic.  Each of these is embedded inside the high-performance polymer tiles, which are lightweight, unbreakable and fully-recyclable.  They claim it performs even better than run-of-the-mill solar panels when put through high-heat and dynamic-lighting conditions.

The tiles all work independently, allowing the system to function even when one unit breaks down unexpectedly.  In the meantime, the only caveat is that the system’s performance cannot be monitored 100% locally, with the system still dependent on SRS Energy for support (they track it remotely).”

Read more at CoolThings.

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  1. Hi I interested in your produced. I stay in South Africa is there a distributioner in my Gantry? I will be glad if u can let me know thanks

    Jaco Marais

  2. Is this roof (Solé Power Tiles) available? I am in Nyack, NY and I am interested. Is there a distributor and installer locally available.

    Thank you,
    Brad Cohen

    1. I am very interested in your product is it available in SA and could you maby give me a ruf estimate of your prices.

      Warm Regards

  3. Salve sono di Messina vorrei sapere dove poter acquistare LE PIASTRELLE SOLè POWER TILE O METTERMI A CONTATTO CON UN RIVENDITORE GRAZIE

  4. I’m interested in a Spanish tile solar roof, I live in NJ, are there dealers in my area?

  5. I am interested in your sole solar roof titles. I am in Southern California. Please send the contact information for distribution and installation. I had a contract with Tesla and waited almost one year! They just cancelled my contract with out even a curtesy phone call. When I went one line and saw your product it was Love. Please send info asap.

  6. Hi & Hello there!
    I, live on the lovely island of Aruba and I love and I’m very much interested in “Blue” roof tiles.
    Now they’re solar powered also?… I say WOW!
    Is there a distributor company available, that can install these locally that you all work with?
    Please let me know.