Solar Spanish Tiles.

No more big boxes atop your roof...from now on, you can go green Mediterranean -style.


Solé Power Tiles allow homeowners to make eco-friendly choices without having to sacrifice style...if you want a blue mission roof, that is.

"Created by SRS Energy, the Solé Power Tile features flexible solar panels produced by United Solar Ovonic.  Each of these is embedded inside the high-performance polymer tiles, which are lightweight, unbreakable and fully-recyclable.  They claim it performs even better than run-of-the-mill solar panels when put through high-heat and dynamic-lighting conditions.

The tiles all work independently, allowing the system to function even when one unit breaks down unexpectedly.  In the meantime, the only caveat is that the system's performance cannot be monitored 100% locally, with the system still dependent on SRS Energy for support (they track it remotely)."

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Jaco Marais on Apr 04, 2015:

Hi I interested in your produced. I stay in South Africa is there a distributioner in my Gantry? I will be glad if u can let me know thanks

Jaco Marais

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2013:

They may be made of plastic. However if the solar tiles get used and people don't consume energy from their local power plant it's a great big leap forward. Many people that own homes don't like the look of the big panels on their homes. Thank you for this post

ED on Jul 05, 2011:

Thank you for let us know, hopefully one day a honest company will create a true photovoltaic hispanic tile whit an old look.

ECD Fan on Oct 26, 2009:

Nope - monitoring the system's performance locally is not the only caveat.  The BIGGER caveat is that the pictures you have in this post are fake.  They have been doctored.  The tiles on the roofs of the actual building are regular red clay tiles.  The blue tiles have been simply copied and pasted over them digitally.  So, you, as many others, are the latest victim of the massive, blatant marketing fraud perpetrated by SRS Energy.

There is nothing eco-friendly, economical or smart about these tiles. They are made of plastic (which is made from oil), they are prohibitively expensive (double, if not triple, the cost of regular solar panels systems), and they underperform, degrade, heat up the roof, and have an atrocious dark blue color in the real world (but, yes, on the digitally altered pictures, they look great!). And have you wondered who is going to replace the failing tiles, when SRS Energy is out of business within a year or two?

There can’t be other colors - the horrendous dark blue color comes from the photovoltaic material - it cannot be altered!

The details about the fraud (including the fake pictures and the patently false performance claims) can be found here:



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