DIY Gourd Lamp - Naturally Artistic Lighting

With fall upon us, gourds are soon going to be in abundance -- and with a bit of creative flare, these natural wonders lend themselves to a variety of natural decor projects.

Here's one I can't wait to try -- the gourd lamp.


Artistic Gourd Lamp from Tokyo Exhibit

You could do this as a standing table lamp or hang it, just depends on the hardware you have/purchase.  Then you just need a dried gourd and a dremmel tool, some acrylic paint and beads if you're real crafty...the sky is the limit for these designs.  I am thinking of going with some mehndi designs to get the Kashmiri vibe.  I've gathered up some inspiration for myself and for you all too.  The first one is from artists in Tokyo.

This is more of a Turkish style - 

Turkish gourd lamp

And this one from an artist on Flickr - 

Great organic inspired pattern!

And...if you haven't been bitten by the DIY bug, a quick google search will bring up plenty of gourd artisans, including an etsy artist Studio Tempera who want to share their creativity with you!  Happy carving!

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DIY Maven on Sep 21, 2009:

These are gourd-geous! Heh... Sorry, couldn't help it....

createcass on Sep 20, 2009:

These are really beautiful.  I have a gourd that I have promised myself to paint.  Thanks for the inspiration.  Maybe I will do it.

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