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How to Make Toilet Paper Origami

by on Sep 10, 2009

Toilet paper origami, also called ‘toilegami’, is practiced in upscale hotels. Basically, the cleaning staff folds the first piece of toilet paper on the roll into a shape. The most popular is the triangle fold, and it’s a great way to greet your guests when they visit your bathroom. I do this so-simple -it-doesn’t-really-need-instructions fold all the time. But now, thanks to Origami Resource, I’m going to step my toilet paper origami up a notch. From easiest to hardest, here are their TP folding tutes:

  1. The Triangle Fold, picture #1
  2. The Diamond Fold
  3. The Pleated Fold, picture #2
  4. The Pleated Tuck Fold, picture #3
  5. The Flourish

If you’re interested in seeing and folding more toilet paper origami, check out this book by Linda Wright.

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