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Shelley on Aug 30, 2015:

Now that's what I call art

Esther on Sep 03, 2014:

Admiro el trabajo de este artista. Estuve hace poco en París y pude ver su obra. Es increíble!!

Anonymous on Dec 31, 2012:

Art it's amazing! we see what we want to see. These are simply great and so creative.

dwlliams on Mar 08, 2010:

Why do people have to bring their political views into someonesart. Take these for what they are, creative and artistic use of talent. Love them.

HowardG on Nov 22, 2009:

I wonder if he has piles of them around his outhouse?

HowardG on Nov 22, 2009:

It IS George Bush! His shrunken head from a while back.

Not much to shrink though. But the rest have more to them.

The guy in the White House was a dummy ...

Jim Joe Bob on Sep 05, 2009:

Many of these remind me of George Bush, especially the blue one.

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