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Yup. It's a bedroom in the middle of a pool. Why? Who knows. If that doesn't float your boat, how about Piscine Castiglione's concept swimming pool bed?


Via this and that.

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Saathvik on Jan 21, 2013:

Awsome I wish I had the pictures above

Carly on Jan 03, 2013:

What the fudge....

Tom on Apr 13, 2012:

Snorlax bed?

Jonathan on Mar 22, 2012:

This gives a new meaning to "wet dreams"

Paige on Feb 25, 2012:

Dont fall off and drown!

faiz on Nov 30, 2011:

can anyone tell me where is it found and who is the designer????

faiz on Nov 30, 2011:

Can anyone tell me where is this room found?? which building and who is the designer please!!!

Helen on Nov 22, 2011:

Who designed the first room?!!?

Anonymous on Sep 27, 2009:

agghhh where is my pillow...

Anonymous on Sep 03, 2009:

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning!

MarvinWindows on Sep 03, 2009:

Sleepwalkers beware!



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