State Fair Recipes!!

State Fair Recipes!!

Today is the first day of the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. If you've never experienced a state fair, especially of the Midwest variety, you really haven't lived. Corn Dogs, Deep-Fried Oreos, Turkey Legs and anything you can think of that can be shoved on a stick...it's that time of year when people forget about cholesterol levels and caloric intake and PIG OUT! Since many of us can't make it to these festivals of food, here are some recipes to help you enjoy the state fair experience at home.

"Deep Fried Twinkie"

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Christina v on Aug 31, 2009:

Funnel Cakes are my favorite. Take them to the next level with a funnel cake bar! Let your guests cover their funnel cakes with a bevy of delicious toppings. Yum!

DIY Maven on Aug 27, 2009:

For me it's the roasted corn. And the milk at the milk barn. And Martha's Cookies. 

MarvinWindows on Aug 27, 2009:

Cheese curds!!! Can't wait...


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