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How to Paint Candles with Crayons

by on Aug 4, 2009

Melting design into candle

Did you know that you can paint candles with crayons? Me either. The entire process is easier than you’d probably think! 

Crayon Batiked Candle

ED: This was originally posted at many years ago, but the link is no longer working. We’ve reproduced the content from of the last saved version below (all content/photos copyright their respective owners):

Use old crayons to embellish plain candles.


  • An old muffin pan
  • A cookie sheet and oven or electric hot plate
  • Old crayons
  • Natural bristle brushes
  • A plain candle

Gather supplies

Break crayons into muffin pan and melt. I melted mine on cookie sheet in the oven at 250 degrees F for 5 minutes. I had to re-melt a couple of times because the wax cools quickly.

Painting w/melted crayon wax

Paint your design on your candle. Sometimes it helps to let some wax cool on the brush to harden and give you some control. I used cotton swabs to dot the pink and silver. You can use a pencil or toothpick to scrape in your design first.

Brush design into candle

Use a candle lighter to melt the wax into the candle if it is sitting on the surface. This also creates a watercolor look.

Melting design into candle

I still haven’t seen what happens when the candle melts down. I would imagine that the crayon wax will melt down the candle. It could be cool, it could make a mess. It’s best just to put a glass catch under the candle.

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  1. Thanks guys; the old link was expired, but we’ve updated the post now.