How To Upholster a Round Stool

I've done it. Kicking and screaming I've made a How To video. (shudder) Even though I upholstered this stool on a previous post, I had to re-do the boxing. Someone bought it from my Etsy shop and it's being shipped to Brooklyn today. Nothing shows technique like an actual demonstration. What I want you take away from this tutorial is how to work the fabric in order to get the fabric attached to a circular base smoothly and evenly with no bumps, lumps or puckers. Use this technique on bar stools, ottomans, footstools and vanity stools.  

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Adrienne on Apr 28, 2012:

My question is how do you make the cover?  I understand now how to staple it down but the cover is still a mystery to me....do I have to have a sewing machine?


ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 28, 2010:

Malisams-I have some of those types of ottomans but I haven't ever taken the old vinyl or fabric off of the straw filling. You could leave the old fabric on, cut out a plywood circle for the bottom.


Malisams on Feb 27, 2010:

I'm planning on reupholstering a big round ottoman soon and was wondering how I'd get the fabric to lay smoothly...now I know. The only question remaining is whether I can attach legs to it...it didn't come with any, and the body is packed straw (?) with a round heavy-duty cardboard-type round on the bottom. I don't think it's strong enough to screw legs into...thoughts? At any rate, thanks for the tutorial. :)

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