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How to turn a hanging pocket shoe organizer into a vertical garden.

by on Jul 9, 2009

Want a garden like pippa5 but don’t have the space? Then you might want to give her hanging shoe organizer garden a shot. What I particularly like about this project, is it would great for condo or apartment dwellers, provided the light on the patio/balcony is right for the plantings. To make one, you’ll need….

  • hanging pocketed shoe organizer
  • pole and attachments (pippa5 identifies these as ‘curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws’)
  • a strong metal saucepan or hanging hooks for utensils
  • compost, the type that holds moisture
  • plants
  • a piece of 2″x 2″ that’s as long as the organizer is wide
  • a trough planter that’s also as long as the organizer is wide

For the entire tute, check out this Instructable.

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