How to make a Sofa Wrap

Elegant, vintage brocade

If the thought of reupholstering a sofa gives you the case of the yips, you might want to consider making a sofa wrap instead. They don't involve any complicated sewing and fitting like a slipcover either. Basically, they consist of two parts: An outer layer and an under layer, which is optional.

Taking measurements

To determine the amount of fabric you'd need, Threads Magazine says, 

For top piece:
1. To determine body length, measure sofa from front to back starting at floor in front of sofa and ending at floor in back, and add 12 in. tuck-in allowance and twice hem allowance.
2. To determine body width, measure across sofa seat from arm to arm and add twice hem allowance.
3. To determine arm/side length, measure from where seat meets arm, over arm to floor, and add 12 in. tuck-in allowance, plus hem allowance.
4. To determine arm width, measure sofa arm from front to where arm meets back, and add twice hem allowance.

For underlayer (as shown below):
Length = step 1 above.
Width = step 2 plus twice step 3, minus twice hem allowances.


Follow this jump to see how to put one together and to see ideas on how you might want to finish the arms. 

Arm piece bundled and tied
Wrap laced together

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DIY Maven on Aug 13, 2015:

Glad you found the post, Leani! Looking forward to seeing your photos!!!!

Leani on Aug 13, 2015:

This is an answer to prayer! I've bought the most beautiful fabric and could not decide how to make it work easily, but this will be perfect! Watch this space - photos coming soon!

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