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Before and After: Monday Night Upholstery

by on May 21, 2009

A realistic goal for a beginning upholstery class is to choose something VERY simple. There’s plenty to discover about shape, padding, working the fabric, securing the fabric, tools and furniture structure with a simple kitchen chair or side chair.

 created at: 2009-05-21

For all of about  $6.00 dollars and some elbow grease, Janet stripped the old wooden handles, sanded and oiled them until they were silken. Her goal was a neutral, modern look and she achieved it with this faux suede seat and textured white back. The fabric was such a good deal and resembles some high end stuff I saw online. Next up for Janet is a leather Stickley Brothers Craftsmen chair seat. She’s definitely moving to the head of the class.

And the best part is that she’s learned how to do this herself so she can change things up whenever she feels like it. 

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