How to Clean Mildew and Algae Off of Your Patio


How to Clean Mildew and Algae Off of Your Patio

Good thing I clicked on TipNut.com before renting a power washer to clean our concrete patio and pool deck. There's more than a year's worth of mildew and/or algae buildup that has spread around the concrete surface. I remember that my grandmother's front steps looked like this. 


Tim Carter has a succint little video on TipNut.com  over on the right side as the featured video that shows you exactly how to clean that up and have your patio looking as good as new for summer grillin'.

Here's what you need to get started: 

Oxygen bleach (not chlorine bleach)

Warm Water

Stir Stick

Heavy Duty Push Broom

Elbow Grease

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 19, 2010:

Nancy-look at this:


Nancy on Apr 19, 2010:

What exactly is "oxygen" bleach?

ModHomeEcTeacher on Sep 02, 2009:

I'll search for this. That website is really strange.

She on Sep 02, 2009:

I need the video on how to clean mildew from concrete by Tim Carter. I could not find in anywhere. HELP !!

Anonymous on Jun 06, 2009:

I was interested in this cleaning tip, but I couldn't find the video on the Tipnut website.

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