Hanging Planter/Room Divider

Hanging Planter/Room Divider

Macrame hanging planters scream 70's. This hanging planter, available at Made in Design, does not. Part planter, part room divider, part mutable art piece (thanks to the growing vegetation) the Treille by Teracrea clocks in at 212 Euro or about 280 US.


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mysterysinc on Apr 09, 2013:

I would definitely do this outside. In fact, I hope to.  I have not priced them yet, but it looks like you could use a rain gutter for the planter part and avoid all that cutting, but what would you use for the hanging part....something that would withstand the elements and still look good?

DIY Maven on Dec 15, 2011:


Anonymous on Dec 14, 2011:

4" PVC pipe (black or white), cut to whatever size you like, glue on end caps, spray paint with your choice of color (Krylon for plastics), be creative with what to use for hanging - copper tubing could be really fun... hemp cording... chain links...

Vikki on Nov 12, 2011:

You could easily make one of these oyourself, its a great idea!! Not sure I would have it indoors but it would be lovely to separate different areas of the garden or to have a bit more privacy around a decked area!

DaveGlass on Mar 25, 2011:

You can easily replicate this with bamboo or even plastic bottles and save spending the money, for what it is it’s definitely not worth it.



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Marisa on Sep 29, 2009:

Why pay 300 bucks for something you can easily make yourself? LAME! All that project takes is a bit of thought, some planning, and (hopefully) recycled products, making it virtually free.

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