Make a Spring Button Bouquet

Make a Spring Button Bouquet

This sweet button bouquet tutorial comes just in time for Mother's Day. The original maker used die-cut felt flowers, but, as DSC says, you could easily cut your own to save on cost. Stuff you'll need to make a bunch include:

  • felt, about 25 cents per sheet at your local craft store
  • buttons, which you probably have in your button stash
  • bamboo skewers, about a buck at the dollar store
  • ribbon, which you might have on hand, but there's plenty at the craft store
  • thread, also on hand
  • vase, tea cup, drinking glass, etc.
  • floral foam, found at the craft store--OR rice or sand
For the entire tutorial, follow this jump.

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najia on Aug 25, 2014:

I have made this bouquet. I do not know howto send u picture.

Thea on Feb 16, 2013:

We love this idea.  How did you attach the bambook sticks?

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