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Pantry organization!

by on Jan 5, 2007

My brother gave me a $75 gift certificate to the Container Store for xmas. Here’s what I bought! This totaled a bit more than $75 but I feel was really worth it. There are three sizes of container here, the two large 8x8x4 ones on the bottom, four 8x4x4 long ones stacked on top, and eight 4x4x4 smaller containers. So I actually have more room behind each of the small ones. I am amazed at how much room this gave me!

I wish I’d bought a few more for the bagged stuff on the left, but they don’t fit well in that cabinet. I’m thinking I might move some of that into one of my cabinets with doors and put dishes or something pretty there since those bags are on display (that cabinet doesn’t have a door).

The dismal BEFORE picture:

pantry before 

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the last pantry cabinet below that one. It has dog stuff, potatoes, onions, and more baking stuff.

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