How to Mix Your Own Pottery-Barn-Bronze-Colored Paint

If you’ve ever gone into a craft store looking for antique bronze-colored paint, like the antique bronze in a Pottery Barn catalog, you won’t find it. The bronze craft stores do have looks more like bronzed baby booties bronze. Not my favorite look. So, I did some experimenting and came up with a ‘recipe’ that produces a very similar color to the bronze that’s popular nowadays. Here it is:

One part Delta Ceramcoat Black + One Part Delta Ceramcoat Kim Gold = Pottery Barn Antique Bronze.

How to Mix Your Own Pottery-Barn-Bronze-Colored Paint

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sparkie on Jan 07, 2007:


CasaHartman on Jan 03, 2007:

Heh...  most regular people are surprised to see that bronze is a really dark color, but you'd think a company in the business of making colors would be smarter than that.  Though, in their defense, they're probably just giving the masses what they expect.

For small crafty projects I've had good success with DecoArt's No Prep Metal Paints, but even they have problems identifying colors correctly.  Their bright bronze is more like a very red copper.

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