Refrigerator Non-Magnets for Stainless Steel

Refrigerator Non-Magnets  for Stainless Steel

It seems refrigerator magnets are all the rage. Personally, I don't like the confusing look of lots of magnets and papers on the fridge, it goes against my hopeless quest for order. Happily, I discovered a line of products called HAPPEEZ by Lulalu (previously the company was called Mayfair Lane).  Cute, eh?

created at: 2009-04-02

What's so special about these? They stick to stainless steel or any slick, non-porous surface, even glass, mirrors and aluminum. They don't scratch because they don't use magnets, they stick with a magical surface that's adhesion can be refreshed easily.  What I really love about them is the coordinated theme you can get going that helps cut down on the visual "noise" hanging there on the fridge. Check out their website to see the wide selection of products and patterns. The patterns are ADORABLE! Non-toxic, no residue, no scratching.

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 04, 2009:

Don't give up. Some say their stainless steel fridges are not magnetic and some say they are not. The painted side of fridge is black, like any refrigerator side, and it is magnetized. The stainless steel front, however is not magnetized. (???) The great thing is that these products stick on mirrors and other glossy surfaces.

DestinybyDefinition on Apr 03, 2009:

um i thought stainless steel WAS magnetic lol. there goes my super duper magnetic backslpash idea.... thank goodness for your post, theres still hope! it was found just as soon as it was lost lol ;)

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