DIY: Modern Bent Wood Lamp

DIY: Modern Bent Wood Lamp

photos by Rob Edwards

Having created many a flopped DIY furniture projects, I'm intrigued with this wood veneer, acrylic and light strip lamp made by Rob Edwards.  Honestly, I'd be proud to give this as a house warming gift if it looked this good.


  • 1. Birch veneer facing (available at Lowes and Home Depot)
  • 2. A scrap piece of acrylic (I've had pieces of this cut to size at Lowes for replacing a piece of glass in a storm door)
  • 3. Ikea light strip
  • 4. Heat gun
  • 5. Foil
  • 6. Iron
  • 7. Glue gun

How to make it:

1. Use heat gun to bend acrylic-it doesn't take much

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2. Using foil between the acyrylic and iron, press on the veneer (lots of pressure needed) to your acrylic form.

3. Trim off excess veneer

4. Attach light strip as desired with hot glue.

I wonder if this would work as a floor lamp that you could slide behind the desk. 



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