Turn Any Picture into a Cross-Stitch Pattern

Turn Any Picture into a Cross-Stitch Pattern

I think more people would cross-stitch if it were called 'pixelated thread art', which, in 21st century parlance, is exactly what it is. A series of X's made over woven cloth to create pictures and words. Sound familiar? Three centuries or so ago, young woman did counted cross stitch as a means to become proficient with a needle and thread as much as to learn their alphabet and numbers. Nowadays, the act of cross-stitching has less-weighty implications, but, for many, it's still a beloved art form. And now with photo-to-cross-stitch-pattern-converter, we can turn any picture into a piece of 'pixelated thread art' for $7.50 each. OR, for $10 monthly fee, we can convert as many pictures as we like. 

created at: 2009-03-16

Using the Pattern Creator, I turned my boyfriend Johnny pictured above into the cross-stitch pattern below. I chose the size I wanted, how many stitches I wanted to make per inch, how many colors of thread and brand of thread I wanted to use, if I wanted any effects like sepia or grey scales, if I wanted my colors diffused or not and even brightness and contrast. Pattern Creator makes your pattern according to your preferences and also gives you a color chart of thread, complete with brand & color number.

created at: 2009-03-16

If all this cross-stitch talk has left you intimidated--DON'T BE! Counted cross stitch is one of the easiest crafts you could ever learn. If you don't believe me, check out this tutorial on Yarn Tree entitled 'Learn Cross Stitch in 5 Minutes.'  Yup...5 minutes!!

Primary pic courtesy of radicalcrossstitch.com.

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Sandra Bobb on Sep 13, 2014:

Can these patterns be made in crochet

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2013:

how long did it take you to get the pattern?

Shaun on Mar 14, 2012:

Im wondering why the picture of Jonny Dep isnt clearer, with todays technology and printers and the like,i would expect it to be 3D if not exactly like the picture, notice the crosstich of Johnny, to the left and right of the nose theres flaws, on his forehead flaw, his hair is perfect,eyes perfect,and mouth, under his neck terrible,,and the background is horrable...someone please tell me that this is a copying error, i cant imagine anyone spending months doing this and having it look so bad...whats the deal?

T on Aug 22, 2011:

I just checked and the charge is now up to $7.49.

Silvia Yang Dinata on Mar 28, 2011:

Hey thank you for your very-useful sharing, btw the pattern creator application charges $2.5 err, is there any free pattern creator application? Thank you very much (:

DIY Maven on Apr 22, 2010:

Anonymous, this is a change in the service. When I originally wrote this post, the service allowed a certain amount for free per month and then charged over that. I'll update the post to reflect their change.


Anonymous on Apr 21, 2010:

Pattern creator is not free as what your top blog indicates.  The price is $2.5 (not sure of the currency)... but you still need to provide a credit card information. 

DIY Maven on Mar 18, 2009:

You're welcome!!

DesigningMom on Mar 17, 2009:

Oh your boyfriend Johnny looks a bit familiar. ;^)

DesigningMom on Mar 17, 2009:

Wow You are full of it today Maven. Oh. And I mean that in a good way! I bought a program to do this ages ago, but have since lost the password and can design/draw all the charts I want, but can't save them unless I took a photo of the screen. Which I've done. I now have the snipping tool that would work too, but this is so totally awesome. I can just draw, scan and upload to this site. How cool is that!? Thank you, thank you!

~Becky <><

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