Make Japanese Kusudama Paper Flowers

Make Japanese Kusudama Paper Flowers

These exquisite flowers come to us by way of Folding Trees. In this tutorial, we're introduced the art of Japanese kusudama, which, traditionally, are used to make balls into which are deposited incense or potpourri. I actually prefer the look of the individual flowers, but if you're interested in assembling them into a ball, Folding Trees provides that tutorial as well.

To make 12 flowers, you'll need:

  • 60 pieces of paper cut into squares. FT suggests each piece should be 7 x 7 cm or 3" square
  • Glue

To see how to make the individual flowers, go here. To see how to assemble them into a traditional kusudama ball (pictured below), go here.

P.S. Note how Folding Trees made use of flowers like these on their banner. Lovely!

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DIY Maven on Mar 04, 2009:

Hey J! Welcome back!

joye68 on Mar 04, 2009:

I just logged back in after being away for so long. I LOVE that I see this tutorial on here. I've been doing these flowers with my nieces out of Stickie notes. It's FUN on a boring day!


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