How-To: Make Your Own Calder Mobile

How-To: Make Your Own Calder Mobile


The dangling bright colors and shapes of Alexander Calder's mobiles have always fascinated me. I've never tried to make one but I've just found simple, yet roomy instructions to make your own interpretation of a Calder mobile for your own home. The newly rennovated Indianapolis Museum of Art has a fantastic heavy duty Calder mobile hanging above their atrium walkway that makes me want to get busy.

What you'll need:

  • Needle-nose pliers Wire (hardware stores sell 200ft rolls of galvanized wire)
  • Sheet of 1/2" ply wood for the weights or shapes at the end of the wires
  • Drill and bit (same diameter as the wire)
  • Clamp to hold the wood pieces when drilling
  • Jig saw to cut out the wood pieces.

Check out Wikipedia's How to Create a Calder Mobile right here.

Other internet accessible artists making their own Calder-esque mobiles are:

Julie Frith and Bruce Gray



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Gonzo on Dec 05, 2011:

Please add fotos of details, how do the wires connect how do the flat pieces link to the wires?

Gonzo on Dec 05, 2011:

It would be usefull if you added pictures of details,how do the wires connect, how do they link to the flat solid pieces, details that actually helped tou build your own mobile.


Silas MacGregor on Aug 21, 2011:

ModHomeEcTeacher, it's all good! Your post was NOT at all misleading. It's pretty clear that your mention of the IMA mobile is simply a comment that has nothing to do with the image.

The Anonymous poster just wanted an opportunity to sound smart, which is why they added "East Wing". I'm surprised they didn't also publicize the GPS coordinates for said mobile, along with their IQ. 

BTW, thanks a lot for the information about the DIY Calder mobile! Fun!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 19, 2009:

Thanks but I knew it wasn't the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Frankly, I didn't know where the photo was taken. I just said the IMA had a nice big Calder mobile. Sorry if the post was misleading.

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2009:

The image at the top of this article is of the National Gallery of Art, East Wing, in Washington DC. Not the Indianapolis Museum of Art as the article leads one to believe.

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