DIY: Bind a Carpet Remnant to Make a Custom Shaped Area Rug

created on: 02/10/09

When a project seems only do-able by a professional, it makes me want to conquer it that much more. Maybe it's because I secretly long to be a subcontractor or something. Anywho, carpet binding has always seemed to be something for which the DIY-er needs a professional. Well, not anymore! Watch this video...

I don't know how I found this product and hilarious video on my search, but it may be a dream come true for anyone who has gotten a hold of a fabulous carpet remant.

You could even cut and bind a custom shaped area rug. Finally!!


Chuck doesn't seem to have been affected by the economic slump, does he?

I've not tried this product nor do I endorse it, I just think it's ingenious.



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Nolan on Jun 16, 2012:

The area of the country determines the rate a professional rug binder receives. Usually the more populated areas like Baltimore, there's more rug binding service providers in that area and it keeps the price per ft.down.
And of course its right the opposite in the rural areas of the country where the retailers are spread out.
I agree completely why pay more if you can get the same quality for less money.
With that said convenience is a plus for alot of people. But I think the personal touch brings alot to the table for my clients. Not having to worry about paying for equipment and labor helps the smaller dealers sell bigger projects.

stefanie on Jun 14, 2012:

Why would I pay $1.00 - 1.25 per foot for a DIY binding when I can pay a professional $.50 - .75 per foot?  Makes no sense to me.

Mommy4 on Jan 18, 2012:

I would like to make a custom sized red rug for my sunroom. I do not have a carpet remnant though. Where can I get the remnant?

Cindy on Nov 18, 2009:

Can you find it at Lowe's?

Tess on Sep 28, 2009:

I hve seen this product at Lowe's-I am on my way to fetch it right now!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 10, 2009:

Thanks for the info. Better yet, I like the idea of not having to go through a carpet retailer or wholesaler to get to the skilled craftsman. Just DIY, BABY!

DaiquiriDiva on Feb 10, 2009:

Looks like awesome stuff!  About time someone came up with a solution like this for DIY'ers.  They've also got a line of UV and mildew resistant binding for outdoor and marine use, as well as reflective and neon colors for safety applications.

I didn't see anywhere on their website that mentioned if this product was available in stores, so I'm assuming it would have to be ordered online through their distributor, Bond Products.  The price isn't too bad, considering the alternatives.  It works out to just under $1 a foot.

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