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DIY: Bind a Carpet Remnant to Make a Custom Shaped Area Rug

by on Feb 10, 2009


When a project seems only do-able by a professional, it makes me want to conquer it that much more. Maybe it’s because I secretly long to be a subcontractor or something. Anywho, carpet binding has always seemed to be something for which the DIY-er needs a professional. Well, not anymore! Watch this video…

I don’t know how I found this product and hilarious video on my search, but it may be a dream come true for anyone who has gotten a hold of a fabulous carpet remant.

You could even cut and bind a custom shaped area rug. Finally!!

Chuck doesn’t seem to have been affected by the economic slump, does he?

I’ve not tried this product nor do I endorse it, I just think it’s ingenious.



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