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9 Ways To Create A Creative Space

by on Jan 16, 2009

created on: 01/16/09

If this time of year gives you an organisational/creative
kick in the pants you could do a lot worse than start with Amy Shearn’s
9 great tips for making a creative space

1. Choose a Space
(‘choose’might be a bit of a stretch for those of us who are still
apartment dwellers.) but finding a nook and designating it is a good

2. consult the masters – she’s talking feng shui not something creepy.

3. go on border patrol – meaning define your space with a screen or even just a rug

4. to thineself be true – She means that if you know you need a lot of
space to work, then allot yourself as much as possible, if you work
best with a laptop in Starbinkies then that’s all good too. Also the
quote is ‘To thine own self be true’,  (It’s Polonius’ advice to Laertes in Hamlet). Persnickety nerd? MOI?

5. it’s clean-up time! 
essentially, get rid of junk and anything that isn’t relative to the
task at hand an you’ll be more creative.

6. get organized – she advises some quality time with The Container Store.

7. eliminate distractions –  Ms. Shearn says “You know what distracts you. Get rid of it. (Wait, unless it’s your
spouse, or a child or something. In that case, perhaps politely asking
them to leave is best.)” … this doesn’t work too well on an 11 month old.

8. prepare your arsenal – gather your tools to hand so you don’t have to scrabble about for them, simple no?

9. And lastly, my very favorite tip, gather your totems – surround
yourself with things that spark your creativity and inspire you.

Check out the atricle for more in-depth information on each tip. Image from here

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