20 Ways to Bring Love and Good Fortune in the New Year


How to bring love and good fortune in the new year
Human beings, by nature, are superstitious. Perhaps because we live--and will always live--in an uncertain world. So, if having a lucky pair of drawers makes you feel better about the future, I say wear those grundies proudly on new years' day! You might even want to try a few of these luck and love inducing dandies as well.

  1. Kissing at midnight will ensure the affections of those we kiss. If you don’t, you might cause a case of the cold shoulder for the next year.
  2. Dancing on new years’ day will bring love and prosperity.
  3. If you’re sad on new years’, don’t cry. It may continue your sadness for the next year.
  4. Don’t break anything. It’s like breaking a mirror x 1000, bad luck-wise.
  5. Make sure your cupboards are full and your wallets have some cash in ‘em on new years day. If they do, prosperity is guaranteed.
  6. Pay your bills before January 1st as the new year should not begin with debt. Conversely, don’t loan any money or pay loans as you’ll be paying out the rest of the year. The same goes for letting valuable items, like jewelry, leave the house which will bring bad luck.
  7. The first person to enter your home after midnight on new years eve will greatly influence your life for the next year.
  8. Throw nothing away on the first day of the new year. This means nothing. No emptied dust pans, no shaken rugs to free their dirt.
  9. If you live in the southern US, you might be eating black-eyed peas to ensure a prosperous new year. No black eyed peas around? Eat lentil soup.
  10. Avoid eating chicken and turkey on the first of the year as they’re dirt scratchers, a metaphor of those suffering in poverty. On the other hand, chowing on beef and pork is fine because the first stands steadfast and the later roots in the dirt in a forward motion, which are better stances to have facing a new year.
  11. DO eat 12 grapes before midnight on new years’ eve as it will bring prosperity for the next 12 months.
  12. It’s actually a good thing to do something work related on new years’ day, but just a token activity, nothing major. And no, you don’t have to actually be at your place of business to do it.
  13. Don’t do laundry on new years or you may ‘wash away’ a loved one in the new year.
  14. Don’t clean your house on new years’ day.
  15. Don’t wash your hair on new years’ day.
  16. Don’t use scissors or knives on new years’ day as they will ‘cut’ off good fortune.
  17. Do wear a new article of clothing on new years’ day as in increases your changes of getting more clothes in the next 365 days.
  18. And speaking of clothing, wearing red is your best bet as it will bring happiness in the new year.
  19. At midnight open all the doors in the house to let in the new year and make noise to scare away the evil spirits.
  20. Make sure you drain the bottle of champagne–or any beverage–on new year’s day as it brings good fortune.

In actuality this list is just a snippet of new years’ superstitions. To read more, visit here, here, here, here, here and for some really odd ones, go here.



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lilybee on Dec 31, 2008:

No cleaning AND new clothes? I am IN!

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