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Make your own Photo Cuff Bracelets

by on Dec 16, 2008


photo cuff bracelets

for a quick, personal craft this holiday season to make that is also
really super cool? Create a one-of-a-kind photo bracelet for that
special someone using photos of images they love or of photos of people
they love! The above photo was taken by my friend Chris.
He actually came over last year and we crafted up a few for him to
wear. I think he dug making them and it only took an hour or two! Also,
check out this bevy of bracelets my Flickr friend Paul made last year inspired by my idea!

Here’s us wearing our finished creation (man, my hands are starting to look old, aww man!):

wearing the photo cuff bracelets

Here’s how you make ’em!


– Felt in desired color
– Images (have a theme or use random images)
– Fuseable iron-on inkjet transfer
– Iron
– Wax paper
– Computer with imaging software (I used Photoshop)
– Inkjet printer
– Sewing machine
– Button or fastener of choice (you can also use velcro or sew on snaps)
– Needle and thread
– Scissors or fabric rotary cutting tool
– Cutting mat with measurements


1. Cut out a piece of felt fabric approximately 9″ long by 1.75 tall. 9″
is the average width of most wrists, but may need to be sized
differently depending on wrist size.

2. In your imaging program, open up several images that you want to make
your photo collage. In mine, I chose to use neon signage. Create a
document that is 8″ long by 1.25″ tall. Copy and paste your images into
this new document sizing them down to be 1.25″ tall and arrange next to
each other. Move images around until you are satisfied with colors and
placement of each.

3. Using printing specifications, print out onto fusable iron-on inkjet
material (you may actually want to create several bracelets up on a
sheet so that you get more bang for your buck). Cut out carefully
around image.

4. Heat
iron on low setting. On ironing board or hard surface, lay inkjet
transfer iron-on (image side facing up) onto felt. Lay wax paper over
both materials and fuse iron-on onto felt. It should only take a few

5. For my
design, I went around the actual image using a special stitch on my
sewing machine, but this is optional. I just thought it gave it a more
finished look. Also, if you want and have the know how and are doing a
button closure, create a button hole slightly smaller than your button
that you have chosen for a closure.

6. Position cuff around wrist and hand sew on button (make sure to wrap
cuff around beforehand so that you know where button should be
positioned so that it is most comfortable on your arm). Make sure to
tightly loop thread around button several times when sewing to hold
securely in place.

Here’s a detail of one I did featuring various neon sign photos I took:
photo cuff bracelet

photo cuff bracelets


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