How to Make Cardboard Hipster Picture Frames

How to Make Cardboard Hipster Picture Frames

Tis' the season to accumulate cardboard boxes. Most will find their way into the recycling bin, but you might want to save one or two to fabricate Photojojo's fun, functional and funky cardboard picture frames. (These could be a great project with the kids; mom or dad have to do the cutting, but the rest could be left to the little squirts.)

What you need to make 'em:

  • Photos (I also think they'd be a great way to display kid's art too!)
  • Cardboard, of course
  • X-acto knife or utility knife
  • A pen or pencil
  • Tape
  • Colored string or yarn (optional); or stick-on magnets for fridge door display
  • Colored markers (optional)
  • Decorative wrapping paper or maps (also optional)

How you make 'em:

  1. Draw some shapes.
  2. Cut out the cardboard.
  3. Tape on a photo and some string.
  4. Decorate 'em.

 For the entire tutorial, hop on over to Photojojo.

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