Curbly Video Podcast: How To Make Picture Perfect Paper Snowflakes.

A piece of paper. A scissors. A scant five minutes. The results?

Holiday magic!


The paper snowflake is nearly everyone's first Christmastide craft, and its elegant aesthetic keeps folks creating 'em, year after year. But my elementary-school snowflakes never really captured nature's precise geometry and symmetry...they really looked more like crude doilies than lilting crystalline water.

As it turns out, the magic doesn't lie in obsessive, intricate scissorwork...but rather in starting in the right place: folding technique.

created on: 12/01/08

Here's a collection of patterns to inspire and capture the technique:


YarnOwl's Paper Snowflake Templates

Noel Noel Noel's Cutout Snowflakes

Dave's Paper Snowflake Patterns


Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?


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Anonymous on Dec 11, 2014:

this is cool and fun

DIRY on Jun 20, 2014:


MOHd aleen on Nov 25, 2012:

Can you show the cutting please :D

MOHd aleen on Nov 25, 2012:

I hdy

Jacquelyn on Dec 01, 2011:

Origami paper (especially double sided) makes wonderful snowflakes.  Its already square and is thin, which makes it easy to fold but quite strong so you can make a lot of cuts and it will hold its shape.

Daniel Johansen on Sep 26, 2011:

Loved the tutorial!  Thanks for making it, the more people snipping snowflakes the better.  It really is an under appreciated 'art' that people often feel is just for kids :)  Please check out some of my snowflakes at http://snowflakewindows.weebly.com Thanks :)

scissorcrafts on Jan 08, 2011:

Chrisjob, Thanks for mentioning my paper snowflakes web site. 

I am returning the favor by including a link to your great tutorial on my instructions page:  http://www.papersnowflakes.com/instructions.htm#i6


Chris Gardner on Dec 04, 2008:

Ah...The Cabinet of Natural Curiousities. Biggest and heaviest I've got... :)

ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 04, 2008:

The book you used to press the snowflake.

Chris Gardner on Dec 04, 2008:

What book? That video was in April...

bruno on Dec 04, 2008:

Agreed: the book was a great bonus.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 03, 2008:

That was the most adorable, easy to follow video tutorial I've EVER seen. Are you a graphic designer/architect/engineer/video producer/crafter/seamstress/music producer, etc?  I Loved that. I've never had any luck with snowflakes.  Plus the cool book was a nice touch.

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