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A craft room to call my very own!

by on Dec 23, 2006

So, I haven’t been very active in Curbly since joining. Mostly because my husband and I got married recently, and also because we have been fixing up our house. We’re both crafty in our own ways, I sew and bead, he makes furniture in his spare time, when we’re not doing our own construction.

Santa came early this year, bringing us drywall sheets, mud, 2×4’s and paint; with which we created a sewing/craft room for myself, and a small workbench area for the husband – but santa didn’t really think about storage. 


Before (when I was purchasing the house): 


A messy and dirty brown area of a garage.Box of laundry detergent on top of table next to washing machine in garage.




 A lit room with a headless mannequin in a shirtA shirt on a headless mannequin in a roomAn empty room, all painted white, with two white doors on adjoining walls.A white wall has a closed door.


As any sewer worth their salt knows, (s)he with the most fabric, wins.. I have absolutely nowhere to put my finds and treasures in the new space, though. The main issue is that it IS the basement, and the long (16ft) wall is concrete block that we have to keep sealed, so I am loathe to even think about letting anything fabric touch directly on that wall. Currently, my fabric is all in plastic bins, and the only thing that I could come up with to use that space (and the bins) is the bracket and rail system in white. ( They’ve got a discounted price if you purchase the 39″ rails with the 10 1/2″ brackets, $6.54 for that combo deal, and I need 6 rails to cover the wall. 6 Rails + 6 brackets: $39.24 with an additional 12 brackets at $2.67: $32.04, total for all: $71.28

 "Two cone shaped Crafts"Black and white rail next to each other.

 Since this is a basement of a 1950’s era house, it wasn’t really meant for habitation… it gets darn cold down there, and the concrete floors do not keep ones tootsies warm. Amazon doesn’t seem to have much in the way of cheap throw rugs, except for these. Granted, they’re bath rugs, but it’s an L shaped room, 10ft by 16ft, and other than a custom cut rug,  these are the way to go, I think. Besides, if they get dirty, toss em in the washing machine! They come in all sorts of colors, but I think ivory would be best, especially since I have a tendancy to drop small beads. 2 sets should cover most of the spots and keep the warmth from my toasty electric radiator around while I sew or bead. ( The price says $9.99.. the original says $54.99. Yay sale!

 Length of fabric with ruffled surface.

I’ve got another wall that could use a little sprucing up, the idea came from Curbly, in fact. I was thinking of using a few rods or cables mounted to another wall, and 40 of these little clips: ( they come 10 to a bag. Instead of putting pictures up, though, I plan to use the clips for planning out new projects, decoration, holding small bags for things like grommets and other assorted items. Each bag costs $2.99 (on sale again!) 4 bags for a total of $11.96.

 Round plastic circle attached to black clip.

I’m also going to have a large magnetic area to hold all sorts of things, and of course, magnets are usually ugly. I’d like to have a few clips, maybe 4, of these ( ) and also I want to make my own decorator magnets using magazine clippings and acrylic cabachons. ( $22.95 for 100 should hold me for a bit! (teehee)


 There are two crafting clips, one light gray and one dark gray.Three disks are appearing under purple words.


I really want to thank you guys for doing this. Since the hubby and I just got married and we’re in the middle of making our house a real home, on a VERY strict budget, its a constant debate between ramen for a week, and something for the house, or real food. We’re doing all the work ourselves, and some things are cheaper to purchase than make. Like shelves and rugs. 🙂

I can’t really think of much more that I would want. If you guys could donate to some sort of charity to help out those less fortunate, I think that would make my Xmas and theirs that much better.

Happy holidays!

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